This is a personal blog treating about alternative investments, in particular crowdlending.

For years now we have been evolving in a low interest rate environment, putting pressure on yield served to individual depositors. Depositors must turn into actual investors in order to find ways to achieve decent returns.

Recent decisions and announcements from Central Banks are likely to prolong this situation for quite some time. I believe that alternative investments such as crowdlending are a good addition to a properly diversified portfolio and enable to achieve interesting returns.

You will find in this blog a description of my investments in crowdlending platforms and my opinion about those platforms. I have also ideas of adding posts on several related topics in the future.

My objectives in investing are threefold:

  1. Growing my overall net worth
  2. Going through the  next economic crisis as prepared as possible, ready to react and reallocate,
  3. Generate passive income, growing over time.

Overall, my strategy lies on:

  1. Keeping a comfortable level of cash / bank savings readily available to be prepared for any needs or emergency.
  2. Investing in several asset classes presenting – to the extent possible – a low correlation or a lag in the way they are affected by an economic crisis. The objective is to optimise the diversification effect and/or to have sufficient time to reallocate my portfolio among those asset classes and go through the next downturn – whenever it happens – the best prepared possible.

In order to achieve the second point, I mostly invest in:

  1. ETFs/ Stocks/ Bonds with now an emphasize on broad ETFs,
  2. Crowdlending (personal, real estate and business loans), and
  3. Real estate (property and share of “SCPI”, i.e Real Estate Investment Trust-like investing in commercial real estate).

Besides those main portfolios, I also diversified further with a bit of physical gold, crowdequity in start-up, crypotcurrencies, etc.

For further information have a look to the Portfolio, Platforms, Bonus, Tips and About tabs.

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