Portfolio update December 2019

First of all, happy new year to you all!!
May 2020 brings you joy in all aspects of your life and of course plenty of successful investments.

Welcome to my very first portfolio’s presentation following an exciting year of investments in p2p. I thought it was time for me to jump in and make sure I keep the motivation growing and growing.

Investments 2019

Before going into details on my p2p portfolio, here are the highlights for 2019 in terms of net investments, including other asset classes.

Total net
CrowdlendingSCPI*GoldPension schemes (Stocks/Bonds)CrowdequityETFsFunds
€ 76,608€ 53,700€ 10,000€ 4,396€ 3,192€ 1,500€ 1,963€ 1,357€ 500
*SCPI are basically unlisted REIT (mutual shares of company investing in commercial real estate)

Most of those portfolios are newly incorporated. Only “Pension” (voluntary schemes) and “Funds” pre-existed 2019.

My objectives in investing are (i) to grow my overal net worth, (ii) to diversify my assets in order to be prepared for the next economic crisis (selecting to the extent possible assets with lower correlation or presenting a lag in the way they are affected by a downturn) and (iii) to generate passive income.

Very classic goals actually! 😅

Passive income

December 2019 = € 742.39

Rent: € 508.71

P2P portfolio: € 233.66

Currently my monthly passive income is composed of the rent for one apartment and the revenues from my p2p portfolio. All income coming from investments in stocks, bonds and ETFs are automatically reinvested.

P2P Portfolio


I started investing in P2P lending in early 2019 and opened accounts on 8 platforms over the year.

After about 11 months my portfolio reaches now € 54,817 on top of which I could add a little € 1,500 for the crowdequity part.

Monthly net investments

Overall net investment in 2019 for crowdlending of € 53,700.

I reduced a bit the speed at the end of the year. I invested in other asset classes mostly from September (SCPI, ETFs, Gold, etc.).

Breakdown and profits

The XIRR of the overall portfolio is heavily impacted by the two full bullet real estate platforms Fundimmo and Wiseed representing over 50% of the portfolio. The exposures are full bullets and the portfolios are too recent to have meaningful returns.


I didn’t receive any reimbursement in December. I started to invest on Fundimmo in February 2019 and, so far, I received early reimbursments for € 3 K in last October & November.

Fundimmo is a French real estate platform connecting investors to real estate developers seeking to complement their own funds by issuing full bullet bonds with fixed rate of circa 8-10%. Those rates are pretty similar to other real estate platforms in France. The RE developers are of good quality and usually have already secured a bank loan.

Since it started in 2016, Fundimmo has a really good track record with 0 default and only 1 deal currently in delay. Considering my exposure on this platform relatively to my overall portfolio (28.7%) I decided to reduce to not invest recently and my stake has reduced from € 19 K to € 16 K.

A new law from November 2019 allows projects up to € 6 M to be financed on crowdfunding platform vs € 2.5 M so far.

In December, Fundimmo, in partnership with Clubfunding platform, financed for € 6 M (€ 3 M each) the acquisition and renovation of an Haussman Building in the heart of Paris in which I was very tempted to participate despite my decision to temporary cap my investments.

If you want to know more about this platform click here to see my opinion.

This platform is more suitable for people understanding French (no English version). If you are interested and want to give it a try you can visit the platform here. There is unfortunately no special offer/bonus for new (and existing) investors.


I didn’t receive any reimbursement in December. My first reimbursment is planned for February 2020.

Wiseed is a French platform offering mostly real estate deals and the possibility to invest in start-up’s equity. In addition, few business deals are available from time to time. I am invested since January 2019 in all 3 categories with overall € 14,200 :

  • Real estate: € 10.2 K on 30 deals
  • Business: € 2.5 K on 5 deals
  • Equity: € 1.5 K on 5 start-up

I am currently only investing on real estate. The business is fairly similar to Fundimmo on that part, albeit the minimum investment is only € 100 – only platform in France I found with such threshold for real estate. Unfortunately the platform applies a 0.9% flat fee for each investment. For this reason my portfolio has currently a negative XIRR until it reaches the first repayments. The track records on the real estate activity is also very good with only 1 deal that went into default in over 4 years.

I have invested in 3 real estate deals in December for € 100 each. Two social housing programs in Paris area and Colmar (East), 100% pre-sold which reduce considerably the risk, and one small residential program in the South-East.

If you want to know more about this platform click here to see my opinion

This platform is more suitable for people understanding French (no english version). If you are interested and want to give it a try you can visit the platform here. There is unfortunately no special offer/bonus for new (and existing) investors.


  • Monthly profit = € 23.74
  • Monthly XIRR = 13.48%
  • XIRR since inception = 15.06%

My XIRR in December is about 3% above November due to some secondary market selling followed by a € 1 K withdrawal.

Two main news on Mintos in December:

  • the withdrawal by the Central Bank of Kosovo of Monego and Iute Credit’s licences officially motivated by the high interest rates charged to borrowers in breach of the commitments made when applying for the licence. It seems though that investors may not have to worry as much as firstly expected (Iute group committed to enforce the BBG through the group guarantee and Monego will get the support of Finitera group that was on the process to integrate it).
  • The implementation of the “pending payments” features on the platform. This is a welcome step forward for transparency and investors can hope that now Mintos won’t put its own funds at risk covering for short term gap between announced payments by LOs and the effective transfers (e.g. what happened with Aforti..). However some concerns were raised by investors about potential missuses of this tool by LOs to delay the actual transfer without remuneration forthe investors. Let’s see going forward how much of the delays observed by investors were due to the Christmas period or not.

I managed to sell all my IuteCredit and Monego loans before the closing of the secondary market thanks to rumours posted on Facebook. Following this I decided to review the LOs I invest in with AI focusing on the most robust ones. This means accepting a slightly lower return going forward. I have currently 22 active AI strategies at the moment.

I think Mintos is a platform worth belonging to a properly diversified p2p portfolio. There is no other platform offering such large choice of LOs and high level of liquidity both on primary and secondary market. You need to be aware that some LOs are more fragile and decide whether you want to avoid or still invest in them. Each investor needs to think about its personal risk appetite and stick to it. Due to the large number of LOs it requires to stay informed.

If you don’t already invest in Mintos, and want to give it a try, feel free to register using my link . We will both get a bonus of 1% for 90 days based on your investments.


  • Monthly profit = € 61,33
  • Monthly XIRR = 11.23%
  • XIRR since inception = 10.82%

I invest since May 2019. I am satisfied with the platform and decided to add another € 2 K in December. I am going for the silver loyalty bonus to get + 0.5% on my investments once I reach € 10 K. I expect to get this additional bonus from beginning February.

There is a sufficient loan supply at Peerberry despite the increase in investors base and interest rates have been quite stable (unlike Mintos), dropping only by a small 0.5% after the summer. Some of the LOs are small and recents but many belong to the sound Aventus group. Some benefit from a group guarantee – actually given by the Polish entities – but not all.

I think the platform has a good potential whilst still lacking some features in terms of statistics and a secondary market for the longer term loans in particular.

If you want to give a try to Peerberry you can register using my link.
Unfortunately there is no sign up offer for new investors but you could support this blog as I would get € 5 and 1% for 60 days.


  • Monthly profit = € 52.41
  • Monthly XIRR = 12.49%
  • XIRR since inception = 11.52%

I invest since June 2019. I am satisfied with the functionning of the platform, this is basically the only one (with Swaper) for which I never invest manually. I have no cash drag at all. Interest rates are pretty good and didn’t decrease contrary to some other platforms. All loans come with BBG and pay interests on delays. There is decent possibility to diversify on Viventor.

The share of late loan appears high on my portfolio and I saw other investors reporting the same. The CEO of Viventor explained that extended loans still appear as late on the platform which is the reason for the higher figures. I hope they will fix this soon (they work on it), enabling investors to see which loans have been extended.

Viventor announced late december that “pending payment status” will be soon available on the platform. Mintos recently launch the same feature. This is a good step in terms of transparency for investors. Of course let’s wait and see in practice!

Investors are waiting for an update on the Aforti situation. Viventor keeps discussing with Aforti in order to find a solution. This negotiation process is really long lasting and will be worthy only if the outcome is positive for investors. I have only 34 € Aforti loans over 60 days past due and therefore do not worry about it.

If you want to give a try to Viventor you can use my link.
Unfortunately there is no bonus for new investors but you could support this blog as I would get € 25 if you invest € 500.


Grupeer has stopped its activities and there is a high probability that it is a scam.
Comment below have not been amended.

  • Monthly profit = € 42.79
  • Monthly XIRR = 9.66%
  • XIRR since inception = 8.87%

My portfolio is recent (October 2019) and I expect the XIRR to increase progressively. About 25% of my portfolio consists in development projects with full bullet loans.

I am waiting for the “investor cabinet’s upgrade (basically additional statistics and filters) in order to get a better view on the diversification of my portfolio. It should shortly be available. Likewise, a secondary market is planned for 2020 according to Grupeer’s roadmap. These upcoming improvements of the platform are long awaited by investors and I may very well increase my stake after that.

Grupeer regularly adds new loan originators and two new payday lenders from Russia joined the platform in December: Cash-U Finance (since September 2018 – rated B) and Monetria (2019 – rated C). I am not currently invested in them as all my money is already invested and the loans on the platform are bullet.


  • Monthly profit = € 46.08
  • Monthly XIRR = 11.31%
  • XIRR since inception = 8.13%

My portfolio is still recent (late September 2019) and the XIRR is growing every month. I deposited € 5 K in order to benefit from the 2% loyalty bonus after 3 months. From the 1st January i now grabb loans at 14% and should see the returns growing accordingly. The platform is 100% passive as all loans are issued by the same group (Wandoo Finance), owning Swaper, and are basically all similar with 12% (or 14%) and usually 30 days maturity.

Despite the actual increase of loans founded on the platform, there is still a lack of supply and I regularly have 5-10% cash drag on my account. However, with 11.31% XIRR in December investing in loans at 12%, I am getting close to the expected return.

If you want to give a try to Swaper you can signup using my link. Unfortunately there is currently no offer for new investors. I would get € 5.


  • Monthly profit = € 10.01
  • Monthly XIRR = 8.30%
  • XIRR since inception = 7.85%

Estateguru is the latest platform I joined in late October 2019 and I invested so far € 500 per month. I invest manually, usually the minimum of € 50 as I want to build a portfolio as diversified as possible from the start. My current performance is below what I can expect (projects yields 10-12%) as my portfolio is very young and some investments are full bullet or with interest repayments each 3 or 6 months.

I like the platform, Estateguru is often considered as one of the safest/ more conservative real estate platform out there and so far they have a good track records at managing defaults (no capital losses). Still, I would like to see more projects from outside the Baltic countries. They have plan to expand the numbers of deals from Spain and Finland in particular.

If you want to give a try to Estateguru feel free to register using my link. We will both get a bonus of 0.5% on all investments you will make on the primary market for the first 3 month.

That is all for this first portfolio update! If you have any comment don’t hesitate. 🙂

So far I am moderately exposed to business loans (through Grupeer and Wiseed). I have decided to open two new P2B platforms in early January 2020 that will integrate my portfolio in the next update. Stay tune 🙂

Once again, happy new years to you all!


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