Who am I?

I am a european citizen, “expatriated” in Germany for several years now.

I had to teach myself how to cook to properly to survive there but I have made my peace with it. 😉

I am simply here going to document my investments, my results, my strategy and any thoughts and ideas I may have on investing in particular in p2p.

I work in the financial capital of Germany in… finance… but that’s about all I’m going to disclose.

I am not a guy deep into FIRE movement but let’s be honest, not having to work until 65+ yo is obviously appealing! I, therefore, consider that developping sources of passive income whilst growing its overall wealth to be a goal worth pursuing for everyone. Documenting it is, I believe, a very efficient way to keep up the motivation and I am hoping you’ll find the information there useful to you!



I am not a professional financial advisor and all the comments posted reflect only my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with any platforms I invest in and talk about.

You remain responsible for any loss resulting from your investments’ decision. Investing in crowdlending, as in other non-capital guaranteed assets (stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate, etc.), is not without risk. Invest only the money you can miss and do not need on a short term horizon.

This blog contains some links of crowdlending platforms I invest in. If you register and invest using those links you can in some cases get a bonus and me as well.


If you want to get in touch you can use the following email address: cautiousp2pinvestor@gmail.com

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